1) Skin friendly comfort. High grade smooth fabric, similar to second skin for maximum comfort.
2) Sticky, won't drop. Using environmentally hot melt adhesive biological glue. Strong and skin tight fit. Do not worry about falling. Lasts 8-10 hours.
3) Deep v cleavage instantly. New technology gathering deep v ergonomic design. Hence, more focused cup. Push up effect up to 2 cup sizes instantly.
4) Drawstring design. High grade rope fabrics, POM buckle high elastic material. Greatly enhance wearing experience.
5) Seamless edge. Bionic wings design that wrap tightly on both sides of armpit fats and push to the boobs.
6) Water resistant and can be used when swimming!

Available in Cup A, B and C. Comes in Black and Nude.


Have you had issues whereby you have to go strapless for a dress, or when your bra seems to be showing obviously? This is the solution we have for you! Strapless dresses will never be an issue again ;)